Pathway Fellowship
Who We Are

God’s Word teaches that walking by faith, under the influence and total control of the Holy Spirit, is His desire for our lives. He is making us into a fellowship that knows what it means to rest in Him and to know Him even in the deep recesses of our souls. We find that we can respond to each other and to life out of faith in God’s love as opposed to faith in our self-protective coping mechanisms.

Accordingly, God reestablishes our foundation of truth so we can build our lives securely on Jesus. We are learning to live like Jesus lived, under the total control of the Holy Spirit, by focusing only on what God our Father tells us to do, going where He tells us to go, and saying what He wants us to say (1 John 2:5-6; Ephesians 5:1). We understand that living under the control of the Holy Spirit is not a guessing game; but a belief system that is maintained moment by moment, hour by hour, minute by minute, and thought by thought. It is an interactive, life-long experience to live by faith—choosing to believe the Word of God over what we might otherwise feel or reason with our own wisdom, intellect, or rational.

The best part is that we are taking this journey together. We are committed to helping each other learn to trust Jesus in all the places where we have otherwise trusted ourselves. At times, this process can be messy for sure, but one thing has remained consistent for all who have ventured onto this path: we have learned that no matter what we have been through or what we are going through, there is no safer place to be than trusting ourselves to the loving hands of God. We have also learned that our journey of faith is never meant to be comprised of “me and God” but is always meant to be “we and God.”